Artraker Charity
What role can art play in creating peace? Helping to launch and partner with Artraker has proved to be both exciting and consistently thought-provoking.
Men in army clothes looking and holding green plants
Person in black top and backpack looking at a tv with headphones on Man filming a women and child outside house being Back of a man holding a triangle next to a woman Person holding unseen unknown unsung beige book


The Artraker Award recognises artistic creativity in places across the world impacted by conflict. In its inaugural year, the competition saw a diverse collection of entries: some were hand drawn; others were photographs; some were sculptures; and others were digital videos. Some sought to create an impact in their chosen location; some sought to provoke the viewer; and others sought to achieve both. Our task was to pull together and showcase these 17 contrasting short-listed Artrakers in a memento that could be purchased but also to build a brand that could sustain itself for years to come.


Our discussions focused on the two areas of conflict and resonance as well as the personal experiences of the Artrakers and the wider impact of their work. It led us to explore how each artist sought to make the unseen seen; to make the unknown known; and the unsung heard.


Dealing with subjects of violent conflict, social disharmony and upheaval required a tactile but gritty treatment. The pages of the commemorative book connected these themes with the Artrakers’ personal narratives, leading to an ebb-and-flow that deepened the comprehension and perception of each conflict. This resulted in a concise, lucid and thoughtful keepsake. Since the inaugural award, Pulse has partnered with Artraker to support two awards, and helped to guide the charity’s strategic positioning and direction.