Beyond Consultancy
Building a brand that supported sustainable land use meant crafting the language and visual identity that communicated its vision: to merge ‘doing the right thing’ with sound business models.
Man with grey sleeves holding iPad with beyond website
Beyond slides showing diagrams and logos Man on a field with wheat and machinery Nine grey tiles with some saying Beyond


Justin Adams established his own agency to advance ventures and solutions in sustainable land use. Justin’s strength was the ability to work at the interface of business and the green agenda and therefore he needed a brand to reflect this.


One of the issues that Justin identified was that a lot of sustainability projects are driven by a desire to ‘do the right thing’ but fail to maintain momentum after the initial injection of finance and start-up energy, as they lack business models that allow them to be self-sustaining.


Working closely with Justin to understand both his business proposition and his personal vision, we developed the brand with the name ‘Beyond’, as well as the business communication tools that helped him in the start-up phase of his agency. We paid close attention to creating an image and developing a language that conveyed the potential of business thinking in this sector.