Pulse supported the M&G marketing team to develop a culture of innovation, by enhancing its ways of working and identifying which other parts of the business required improved relationships.
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The M&G marketing team has been successful in a challenging economic climate. Its materials and events are on-brand and deliver results. But the team’s members wanted to understand how to maintain their edge in a changing operating environment. Success was seen as being reliant on their ability to innovate and take informed risks.


Our discovery work allowed us to understand M&G’s organisational culture and the marketing team’s  hopes for undergoing change. Pulse created a workshop and process to help the team see innovation as a cultural issue and how their current ways of working could either support or undermine efforts. This entailed embracing openness, being collaborative, learning to trust, and working with the heart as well as the head.


To keep the momentum from the workshop alive it was important to develop creative relationships within the team that could be maintained in day-to-day working. Challenging, but practical and innovative principles emerged from the workshop that the team could put into practice – building their capability and confidence to innovate.