Permira was the first client to fully build a purposeful brand (2003-7), touching on all areas of its activity: from leadership and deal-doer behaviour, to learning by doing and developing a positioning with real difference.
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Previously Schroder Ventures, private equity firm Permira had just renamed itself when we were appointed. The new brand needed to help connect the six different offices more effectively, raise a major multi-billion dollar fund and build confidence in managing large leverage buy-outs.


Even though Permira had had considerable success, there was a general concern from younger deal-doers when it came to managing larger deals. It was also clear that Permira had its own unique value creation strategy and way of operating that needed quantifying and protecting. The initial discovery work found that deal size was always a concern when larger funds were raised.


Pulse supported the visionary leader and OPCO of Permira, a multiple strategy around building a high-performing culture (including a 5-year business plan, living the vision and values); internal communications and external brand (building investor relations, website and sectors marketing). The communications were designed to help build pride from within, focusing on a unique proposition called ‘Impact Investing’ that challenged conventional perceptions of private equity and leverage buy-outs.

A distinctive brand strategy was developed and delivered over time through a series of leadership workshops and branded collateral. The real value came from a new-found confidence that helped the firm focus on value creation, no matter how large the deal, expanding its operation to 12 offices and raising the largest private equity LBO fund ever raised in the world. Impact Investing is now a common term used in the industry.