Rumaila Employee Engagement
Building a brand means ensuring every part of the business is involved, including the 300-strong security team who protect the vast field and welcomes its many guests.
Book of Rumailas logo behind a grey background
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Although security is a priority for Rumaila, it is important that these front-line employees also act as ambassadors for the brand.

The security team consists of around 300 often young Iraqis distributed over a vast area. Despite usually being the first point of contact for visitors, very few members of the security team felt like they were part of the Rumaila family and so were unequipped to fully represent the organisation.


The security team needed training and new uniforms. We used this opportunity to develop an identity, recognition systems, specialist clothing and kit to help the security team feel an integral part in the future of Rumaila.


A key part of the work was developing a handbook and a ceremony so that when the team stepped into their new uniforms they were also stepping into a new role, a new set of responsibilities, and a new relationship with all who visit the field.