Rumaila Oilfield – Exhibition
Showcasing Rumaila at Basra’s biggest conference meant we had to navigate multiple security issues, as well as sensitively articulate the positive impact its new managers, BP and PetroChina, were having on this Iraqi field.
Display room with purple board showing statistics.
Two men speaking by a bar with purple walls Man with red top and white dungarees holding string between white pillars Man pointing at iPad on a purple wall


Rumaila’s first participation at a public event since the partnership with BP and PetroChina was established, took place at the Basra Oil & Gas Exhibition in 2011. We were asked to design and construct a stand and overall ‘enjoyment’ strategy that would host the many visitors who considered Rumaila to be one of the most important organisations in the region.


The challenge was two-fold – firstly, create an impactful stand that captured the right tone between demonstrating the investment in the field and its progress, whilst being aware of economic difficulties that many people faced from living in Basra and southern Iraq; secondly, overcoming the logistical challenges caused by distance and shipping constraints and the lack of capability to design and build the stand
in Iraq.

While Pulse, working in partnership with the Rumaila C&EA team, would be responsible for stand design and messaging, the constraints on shipping/customs/logistics meant that a more localised solution would be preferable for the construction and stand build elements.  Alongside a highly inclusive design and interactive content we worked closely with the stand ambassadors from the outset to ensure the stand’s messages were communicated though their own stories. Giving attendees a true experience of life at Rumaila.


Pulse has developed three major stand designs for Rumaila. The stands represent an evolution in style and confidence that mirrors the ongoing development of the organisation, the brand and the community in which it operates. At the Basra Oil & Gas Exhibition we succeeded in helping Rumaila deliver an experience that helped demonstrate its commitment to both increasing oil production and to the development of its people and the region.