Creating a new brand, story and exhibition stand – launched and tested at the UK’s leading call centre conference.
Spitch corporate event with crowds of people
Spitch booklets on grey background Spitch drawing of corporate event with people iPad on a table showing Spitch website with leaflets


When Spitch approached us, they were a fledgling voice recognition technology company without a recognisable brand. In an industry dominated by large players with proven track records, it was important to show what made Spitch stand out. In initial conversations with them about the right approach to building their brand an opportunity presented itself – a key trade expo for the call centre sector that was only six weeks away.


Spitch were convinced they had a great product set and were clear about who they needed to talk to. What wasn’t clear, however, was which aspects of the Spitch offer would be most interesting to potential customers and partners. We advised Spitch to use the trade expo as an opportunity to listen to customers and ‘test’ an iteration of their new brand.


Through research and workshops into the Spitch offering and customer base, we were able to unravel their technical lexicon and create a language to make them more accessible to a generally non-technical target audience. From this new Spitch story, we designed an exhibition stand and brochures targeting the call centre audience. The launch at the trade expo resulted in over 500 enquiries.