Purposeful Leadership Masterclasses – Tailored for Organisations

In these masterclasses we focus on helping leadership teams explore the importance and power of purpose in driving organisational change and success. A leader’s values and ethics can have a big impact on their employees and building a high-performing culture.

Guided by Pulse’s 12 principles of purposeful leadership, the sessions look at ways in which to connect with purpose on an individual, team and organisational level.

We work with our clients to understand their culture, objectives and desired outcomes and tailor each masterclass accordingly.

Masterclass options

Purposeful leadership

Many businesses are changing how they view their role in society and are recognising their increasing role in engaging their employees on the journey.

A sense of purpose, and how to integrate purpose into the workplace, is increasingly seen as one of the most important drivers of long-term organisational success. This success benefits not only the bottom line but also employees, customers, the supply chain, investors and the world at large.

This masterclass explores the power of purpose in driving organisational performance and what it takes to be a purposeful leader.

It will be run as a practical and interactive session in which we explore different frameworks to help your purpose become more meaningful, concrete and central to your organisation’s performance.

Combining purpose and profit is extremely challenging but this has moved from a noble to a critical business priority.

This masterclass will help attendees:

  • establish if your organisation has a meaningful purpose and how it is lived in the workplace
  • connect with their purpose on an individual, team and organisational level
  • understand how to drive positive, purposeful change and inspire a community of change-makers

Stepping up to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

The UN SDGs are a call to arms for businesses to operate sustainably and deliver real meaning behind why they exist. All stakeholders are expecting more from the business community and companies are increasingly recognising the business case for embracing the Goals.

This workshop reviews how we can personally engage with the UN SDGs and how they can be used as a catalyst for organisational change.

We will explore frameworks that will help your purpose become more meaningful, concrete and central. Taking in the UN SDGs we look at the challenges we face as a society and what we are capable of doing.

At the core of the work is the connection between personal and organisational purpose and the potential to unleash the capability of every employee.

This masterclass will help attendees:

  • gain an understanding of the UN SDGs and how they can influence organisational change
  • provide frameworks to test the rigour behind defining purpose
  • explore the dilemmas behind a purpose that can get in the way of it making an impact
Balancing the Masculine and the Feminine

It has become clear that many of the issues the world faces require a fundamental rethink in how they are addressed.  Understanding feminine qualities is critical if we are to move away from our current mindset and achieve some of the major challenges the world faces.

Inner feminine qualities and values such as compassion, listening, inclusivity, generosity, love and service to others are critical to any healthy culture.

And likewise, the more external masculine characteristics such as defining, controlling, organising and managing are fundamental to any successful organisation.

This masterclass considers when and how these feminine and masculine qualities, which we all have, can and need to be accessed.  We focus on the qualities needed to tackle the task at hand rather than address gender issues.

This masterclass will help attendees:

  • explore both the feminine and masculine qualities inherent in all actions
  • realise how the new paradigm of ‘Feminine Intelligence’ is emerging as an active response to our turbulent times
  • understand the barriers and drivers to help them live and express both their feminine and masculine attributes
Channelling your Dark Side

It’s not always the positive side of one’s character that creates world-class leaders or builds high-performing organisations. There is energy and great potential in the dark side of our personalities.

We explore how an understanding and mastery of the dark side of our characters provides an edge to our ability to live the purposeful leadership principles and deliver a positive impact in the world.

We also look at the dark side of an organisation and how it got to where it is. We consider the role the dark side can play in future growth and development.

In this masterclass we take lessons from the fields of psychology and peace keeping that can help guide organisations around what might be holding them back without them being fully aware.

This masterclass will help attendees:

  • understand how the dark side, both at a personal and organisational level, can provide an edge to building a purposeful organisation
  • see how their own dark side can be turned into a force for good and deliver a positive impact in the world
  • understand the dark side or shadow of their organisation and how it can hold the business back

Facilitator Profiles

Simon Milton

Simon is passionate about the role of business and social purpose. He founded Pulse in 2002 to help unlock the capability of business and use the brand to drive change. Simon’s expertise focuses on helping leaders to engage and empower their workforce.

Simon has led initiatives for major organisations including The Dow Chemical Company, Alibaba, OKI, BP, Tata Steel and the Rumaila oilfield. He has also advised a wide number of firms in the financial sector such as Permira, Aureos, Moneyline and Digital+. He is a founder and trustee of the Social Business Trust which was set up to help scale social enterprises.

Karen Downes

Passionate about making a difference for women’s health and empowerment, Karen has founded and supported five successful international start-ups and consulted to some of the leading companies in the world.

As well as the founder of the Flourish Initiative, Karen is a business consultant and facilitator of development programmes for leaders and their teams.

David Nyheim

David believes it is possible to make the world a better place, have fun, and make a good living. In that spirit he set up INCAS, which works at the nexus of peace, development and corporate investment.

David’s career involves 20 years as a peace-maker and strategist. He has extensive experience in dialogue process design and facilitation, stabilisation strategy development, early warning and risk assessment, and work on armed violence reduction. His clients include the UN, EU, governments as well as business in the extractive and infrastructure sectors.

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