Pulse has advised clients across a range of industries with particular specialisms in: low carbon; social progress; energy & resources; and finance & professional services.  Read more about this work below.

Wind turbines on a hill

Low Carbon

Pulse advises organisations on low carbon strategy and communications and is a specialist in carbon capture and storage, having helped this emerging technology become a front-runner in global efforts to combat climate change.

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Pulse has worked in the area of carbon capture and storage (CCS) communications since 2007. This technology is now emerging as a credible option to decarbonise gas and biomass, build a hydrogen economy and decarbonise heavy industry. We have been involved in all areas of its development – including R&D (CO2 Capture Project); standards and guidelines (DNV); demonstration projects (In Salah, Algeria); and real-world implementation (Net Zero Teesside). Working with energy companies (bp), industry bodies (CCP, CCSA), scientists and other experts, we have helped communicate the benefits of CCS and how it works. Using a range of innovative tools and channels, we have engaged the business community, academia, media, local authorities and the wider public. See case study

We are working with energy companies, thought leaders and NGOs to help business play its part in getting the world to net zero. Meeting that challenge while ensuring the world’s energy demands can be met is one of the greatest challenges mankind has faced. It will take the unrivalled expertise and scale of energy companies to make this a reality – and our job is to help them understand the wider picture and define their low carbon purpose within that.

Our work in this area began in the mid-2000s with bp Alternative Energy and has widened since then. We supported bp Technology and its long-term energy outlook. More recently, we supported bp Upstream in adapting a low carbon mindset as it reduces its Scope 1 and 2 operational emissions. We are currently working with bp Production & Operations as it merges its upstream and refining business to support the transition as part of the company’s ‘Reinvent’ strategy.

We helped to create Moving Beyond COP – a forum for business leaders, investors, policy makers and civic society to envision a Net Zero 2035 in the UK and find practical ways to move to a new circular society.

Social progress

Pulse supports a wide range of organisations in areas that contribute to the advancement of society – from education to bio-technology; conflict resolution to social financing. This involves working alongside private businesses and charitable organisations.

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We helped UNESCO promote food sustainability by making the link between traditional food practices and modern lifestyles. We did this through creating a travelling exhibition and collateral.

We work with The Royal Anniversary Trust, supporting it in its management of the Queen’s Anniversary Prizes for Higher and Further Education. Our role has been to freshen the public face of this prestigious scheme that recognises UK colleges and universities – helping build awareness, participation and commercial viability. See case study.

Pulse works alongside a number of other charities: Pulse founder, Simon Milton, is a trustee of the Social Business Trust, helping it in its mission to help outstanding social businesses to scale up; our work with Moneyline helped build an identity that would engage people seeking affordable loans; while with Artraker, we helped raise awareness of conflict resolution through art.

One of the UK’s most dynamic businesses, Abcam, sought our help in guiding its thinking at a time of great change for this pioneering bio-tech company.

Energy & Resources

Businesses in the world of energy and resources often face scrutiny into their working practices. We help them build safety, community and environmental purpose into their cultures, with the scope of this work ranging from identity development to internal communications and built environment.

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Rumaila is the world’s third largest oilfield. Pulse has supported every aspect of this Iraqi operation’s communications for more than a decade. From articulating its vision, developing a visual identity and organisational values, to establishing and delivering multi-channel communications and on-site branding. See case study.

Pulse worked alongside bp Oman as it built one of the largest infrastructure projects in the world – the Khazzan gas field. Our role was to help engage the field’s workforce in a remote desert location and embed safety into the working culture in the build up to first production of gas.

We helped mining company, Glencore, to improve its workforce safety communications in Africa through a comprehensive design and content review, bringing to life the behaviour changes required to help keep everyone safe.

Pulse was appointed by Arup to help create an identity for a new initiative that focused on providing resilient and sustainable solutions to the critical infrastructures that societies depend upon. Our work involved the naming the initiative, the Resilience Shift, the development of a visual identity and initial messaging.

Finance & Professional Services

Financial markets will play a critical role in accelerating the world’s response to climate change and addressing the 17 Sustainable Development Goals for 2030, set out by the United Nations. Our heritage of working on projects that address climate change and rising levels of inequality has resulted in Pulse providing ongoing support to a number of leading firms in this sector.

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Our work for Schroders involves supporting the leadership team to help it to define and live the company’s purpose. With impact on people and planet an increasingly important consideration in managing customer investments, we are helping Schroders embed what it calls this ‘Third Dimension’. This involves gaining a deep understanding of all parts of Schroders and its customer base to help the company to take steps to shift its culture and demonstrate leadership. Over the past 20 years Pulse has supported several impact investment businesses, including Prince Max of Liechtenstein as he built LGT Lightstone (now Lightrock). This transformative private asset firm supports high-growth businesses operating in often highly challenging emerging economies, delivering financial as well as social and environmental returns. We helped develop a clear and compelling purpose and vision that stood out in an ever-crowded market.

Pulse supported Thomson Reuters Legal in development of its purpose and vision.  A key area of focus was the increasing importance of new technology-based solutions to help the European legal system to operate more effectively.  Our initial role was to delve into this broader purpose and assess how the different parts of Thomson Reuters was able to accelerate its impact.

Pulse worked with emerging market private equity specialist, Aureos, prior to it being acquired by Abraaj in 2012. Our primary role was to support the managing partner to identify and codify the approach it took to investing and managing portfolio businesses.  We called it Impact Investing Plus.  It combined traditional private equity thinking but also a very unique approach to helping innovative local businesses expand within the region. See case study.