At Pulse, our driving force is to help businesses embed purpose in everything they do. Because when that happens, something really clicks.  Workforces, customers, investors and wider society begin to believe. Then they want to get involved. And performance inevitably improves.

High-performing, purposeful businesses have a big role to play in helping tackle the complex challenges now facing humankind.  Yet public trust in the corporate world has been traditionally low. We help business leaders use purpose to reinvigorate belief in their organisation and what it stands for.  We also provide fully integrated communications support to ensure wider awareness and understanding.

We are proud to have been doing this for two decades with leading organisations in their fields.  In particular, those committed to low carbon and socially progressive initiatives; those from within the energy industry as they navigate the energy transition; and those from the world of finance and professional services aiming to effect positive social change.

Impact Report 2020/21
The last year has been a continuing journey of growing and learning. Our 2020/21 Impact Report reflects on the impact we make as a business on people, society and the environment.
The State of Purpose: Insights on navigating profit and purpose
This report brings together leading voices from the world of business to share their insights on Purpose, alongside a synthesis of thinking from across the world on the role of purpose, and how it can help organisations to thrive and do good in the world.
Five Minutes with Simon Milton
Simon Milton, founder of Pulse Brands, talks to Communicate magazine about why embracing 'purpose' is now vital to business success, the pitfalls to avoid and how brands can authentically embrace CSR.
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