When you work with Pulse you work with individuals, who are bound together by meaningful work. Be that supporting an organisation that is misunderstood, a product that will make for a better world or simply something that appeals to our personal interests.

Simon Milton
Founder and Strategic Consultant

The heart of Pulse and helping to inspire clients. Works in the moment, shaping what is needed to help clients navigate a more purposeful world.

Visionary – Connector – Coach

18 years at Pulse. 30 years experience in corporate PR and brand communications

Olivia Reid
Executive Assistant to Simon Milton

Olivia brings a breadth of experience and creative insight to her work. She pays attention to detail, has a lovely approachable manner and makes things happen.

Grounded – Purposeful – Detailed

Joined in 2023

Andrew Leith
Creative Director

Driven by research and intuitive human insight. Builds imaginative, left-field solutions that are both practical and original.

Guide – Inventor – Realist

12 years at Pulse. 20 years experience in brand development and strategy

Carolyn Potter
EA to Simon Milton

Carolyn brings creativity and a calm, friendly and organised approach to her work supporting Simon.

Thoughtful – Supportive – Creative

Joined in 2021

Chris Mella
Graphic Designer

Never afraid to try out a new way of working, Chris is thoughtful and collaborative. He brings a fresh perspective to our work.

Fresh thinking – Supportive – Collaborative

Joined in 2021

Emily Palmer

Enthusiastic and experienced PR and media consultant who brings a fresh approach to Pulse.

Thoughtful – Fresh Approach – Supportive

4 years at Pulse

Edward Clements

Confident writer and analytical mindset. Ed breathes life into the content and creates impact. He brings a warm nature and diligent approach to our work.

Conscientious – Inquisitive – Calm

Joined Pulse 2023

Guillermina Correa

Always asks the right questions. Guillermina approaches everything with great thought, delving into the detail to find and tell the best stories.

Thoughtful – Inquisitive – Focused

Joined in 2021

Jacqueline Milton

Works with rigour so that projects run smoothly from tender to final invoice.  A warm intelligence that guides sensible decisions.

Listener- Detailed – Fair

18 years at Pulse.  18 years’ experience in international event management and sports sponsorship.


Laura Watcham

Intuitive and respectful. Ensures projects are set up and executed to plan. Champion of Pulse’s emotional heart.

Detailed – Helpful – Intuitive

12 years at Pulse. 14 years managing communications programmes with B2B corporates in engineering sector.

Simon Taylor
Strategic Consultant

An eye for detail in developing and executing communications plans. Direct and unflappable no matter how big the project.

Focused – Big-picture – Decision-maker

11 years at Pulse. 30 years experience in international, environmental affairs. Specialist in energy, technology sector

Laura Fogar
Graphic Designer

A bundle of compassionate energy. Laura is always thinking about how communications can help people feel like they belong.

Curious – Attentive – Kind

Joined 2022

Rachel Gourdin

Expertise on building culture change and developing corporate strategies built on experience out in the field and working with the senior leadership in head office.

Pragmatic – Intuitive – Inspiring

25 years working at BP both as an engineer and in corporate communications

Robert Goodsell
Strategic Consultant

Creates order and direction from uncertainty and ambiguity. Steers organisational cultures to act purposefully.

Problem solver – Coach – Deep thinker

14 years at Pulse. 35 years strategy and organisational development experience