If you ceased to exist, who would it matter to? Every organisation continually needs to understand the role it plays with customers, employees and wider society. We call this purpose and we look to find and nourish it in the work we do.

Integrating purpose into the workplace is now seen as an essential driver of organisational success. Over many years working in this area, we have crystallised a number of leadership principles to help build purposeful organisations. We also run a series of ‘masterclass’ workshops on how to operate purposefully.

12 Principles of Purposeful Leadership

Paying attention to these principles can help you think about how you and your organisation can act and grow purposefully. They help to drive and sustain positive, purposeful change and inspire others to commit.

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Insights on Purpose

Our first insights paper brings together both leading thinkers and our own thinking on the role purpose has to play in ensuring that organisations can both thrive and do good. The report includes viewpoints on how organisations can establish a purpose mindset, models on how purpose can be applied within a business, and perspectives from leading figures from industry on the challenges of navigating purpose and profit.

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Purposeful Leadership Masterclasses

Due to COVID-19 this event has been postponed from 18th May 2020 to Autumn 2020.

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For previous Masterclass insights:

Unleashing the feminine − Mar 2018 (PDF)

Channelling your Dark side − June 2017

A Purpose that Matters − Dec 2016  (PDF)

A Purposeful Branding Masterclass − May 2016  (PDF)

Masterclasses – Tailored for Organisations

Our range of purposeful leadership masterclasses has been tailored for organisations. Each masterclass is a journey of discovery into purpose in business and can provide your company with the tools, thinking and space to bring purpose to life in your team or organisation.

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