Purposeful Thinking

Our team shares insights, feelings and milestones on what is important to them.

Connection is Perfection: The Art of Bridging Silos
Claudia Buffini
Claudia shares her insights into how to create more value through collaborating in silos.
Workplace Empathy
Iona Bourke
Iona has been considering empathy in the workplace and here explores the role of empathy in leadership, how it benefits an organisation and how it is critical in a time of crisis.
The Forgotten Dimension of Diversity: How I embraced my deafness at work
Claudia Buffini
Claudia shares how her experience at Pulse has helped her to realise why disability inclusion matters in the workplace.
Paying attention to nurturing each other’s potential
Laura Watcham
How can we inspire and help our work colleagues to be at their best? Read Laura's blog to find out!
Don’t be afraid of conflict at work
Emily Palmer
Emily shares how engaging in productive conflict really can have a multitude of benefits.
Are poker players better at Zoom?
Andrew Leith
Andrew shares how we can bridge virtual isolation to create real authentic connections with our team at work.
Putting the 'Social' in Social Media
Claudia Buffini
Claudia shares her experiences of how she helped Pulse's social media evolve over the past two years.
Becoming a B Corp: a year on
Jacqueline Milton
Jacqueline reflects on the milestone of Pulse achieving B Corp certification.
Liberated by lockdown?
Simon Milton
Simon reflects on some of the lessons he’s learnt as we all emerge from lockdown.
Why it’s worth marking milestones
Iago John
Iago reflects on his experience of writing a retrospective article for the 100th edition of our client’s internal newspaper and why it is so important to celebrate milestones.
Time for Multiple Leadership
Simon Milton
Simon reflects on the importance of needing a new united leadership and how the current crisis is redefining the way we trust and collaborate.