Pulse was established in 2003 to help organisations place their purpose at the core of everything they do. Today, we help our clients to connect more effectively with their workforces, customers, investors and wider society. We do this through our work in ‘purposeful leadership’, strategic communications and employee engagement.

Our long-held belief is that businesses have a critical role in meeting the challenges we face as a society.

We also believe that we are now at a tipping point: employees, customers and shareholders expect more of organisations than ever before. A clearly defined purpose that is lived within the organisation is therefore vital to remaining relevant to all stakeholders, to ensure long term success and to drive performance.

BCorp Impact Report 2020
A year on from becoming a B Corp, we have produced our first Impact Report. It reflects on how in doing our work we remain conscious of the impact we make as a business on people, on society and on the environment.
The State of Purpose: Insights on navigating profit and purpose
This report brings together leading voices from the world of business to share their insights on Purpose, alongside a synthesis of thinking from across the world on the role of purpose, and how it can help organisations to thrive and do good in the world.
Five Minutes with Simon Milton
Simon Milton, founder of Pulse Brands, talks to Communicate magazine about why embracing 'purpose' is now vital to business success, the pitfalls to avoid and how brands can authentically embrace CSR.
We're hiring!
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