Rumaila Oilfield
Described by a senior BP leader as one of the most important brand initiatives undertaken by the company, Rumaila’s identity was one of the critical early steps taken to engage the senior team and a vast and disparate workforce.
Man with white helmet and blue coat in front of machinery
Two men looking at a white board with posters Group of men talking in blue jumpsuits Hands holding Rumaila books Group of men talking in blue jumpsuits


Creating an identity for one of the world’s largest oilfields that has lived through over 40 years of conflict is challenging. The Rumaila oilfield is located in southern Iraq and has a multinational workforce. The logistical and cultural challenges are considerable.


Every ounce of our collective learnings from design, corporate branding and culture change was applied. We realised that Rumaila is much more than a huge oilfield and the source of 30% of Iraq’s GDP. Despite the many challenges faced, the workforce demonstrated immense levels of pride and respect in their work.

To develop a brand identity that truly captured people’s imaginations meant immersing ourselves deeply in the Iraqi culture, concerns and dreams for the future.

The solution required many trips to the oilfield and many iterations. To a workforce that had to deal with working with ageing equipment and limited power and water at home, conversations around values and logos could have been seen as superficial. But, by showing we valued and learnt from what they had to say, the mutual engagement was incredible.


The ‘seed of hope’ identity went a long way to capturing the imagination of all involved. In those early days, it helped
to unite BP, PetroChina and the largely Iraqi workforce around the idea that an improved oilfield is an important stepping stone in the overall process of rebuilding the country.

The multiple meanings for the overall shape and selected colours ensured that there was a story for all. A simple drop of perspiration or oil for some, a teardrop for others. And for many, a seed of hope that can grow and bring improvements to all involved and to Iraq as a whole.