We are proud of the clients we work for and the work we do to help businesses perform. From leadership behaviour and employee engagement to brand development and corporate communications – our work supports organisations in using purpose to drive all future actions.

The Queen’s Anniversary Prizes
Carrying traditions into the modern world
An entrepreneurial spirit, practically delivered
Inverleith Private Equity
Bringing a success story to life
Artraker Charity
Showcasing conflict art
BP Carbon Capture & Storage
Putting space in the hands of doubters
Rumaila Oilfield – Social Media
Building goodwill
Helping the customer take control
Rumaila Oilfield – Exhibition
Showcasing progress and building relationships
Principles that feed self-belief
Rumaila Oilfield – Website
Building advocates & challenging preconceptions
Making the new kid on the block credible
Rumaila Oilfield – Values
Building a culture on common beliefs
Rumaila Oilfield
A symbol of hope
Employee Newspaper
Communications that build trust
Rumaila Employee Engagement
Preparing the brand's front line
Digital + Growth Fund
Articulating a unique investment proposition
Beyond Consultancy
Bringing a ventures mindset to sustainability
Connecting a new vision to colleagues
The confidence to do a larger leverage buy-outs
Rumaila Oilfield – Safety
A responsibility to self and others
Embedding a culture of innovation
Low carbon energy technologies
CO₂ Capture Project – CCP
Turning specialised science into everyday meaning