We are proud of the clients we work for and the work we do to help businesses perform. From leadership behaviour and employee engagement to brand development and corporate communications – our work supports organisations in using purpose to drive all future actions.

An entrepreneurial spirit, practically delivered
Inverleith Private Equity
Bringing a success story to life
Artraker Charity
Showcasing conflict art
BP Carbon Capture & Storage
Putting space in the hands of doubters
Rumaila Oilfield – Social Media
Building goodwill
Helping the customer take control
Rumaila Oilfield – Exhibition
Showcasing progress and building relationships
Principles that feed self-belief
Rumaila Oilfield – Website
Building advocates & challenging preconceptions
Making the new kid on the block credible
Rumaila Oilfield – Values
Building a culture on common beliefs
Rumaila Oilfield
A symbol of hope
Employee Newspaper
Communications that build trust
Rumaila Employee Engagement
Preparing the brand's front line
Digital + Growth Fund
Articulating a unique investment proposition
Beyond Consultancy
Bringing a ventures mindset to sustainability
Connecting a new vision to colleagues
The confidence to do a larger leverage buy-outs
Rumaila Oilfield – Safety
A responsibility to self and others
Embedding a culture of innovation
Low carbon energy technologies
CO₂ Capture Project – CCP
Turning specialised science into everyday meaning